Good Vibes Only Festival 2017

Someone once asked me, “How would you describe the music of Gypsy Ghosts?” My answer caught them off guard., “You don’t, you just enjoy it.” Catching Gypsy Ghosts at The Good Vibes Festival Friday night or any night is a paradox. You go in knowing what you will hear but you will still come away hearing that which you didn’t expect – and both scenarios are great !! This band can be best described as reggae-rock, reggae- folk, reggae- folk rock or none of the above and you would be correct on each one. What you need to understand is no matter what genre your heart is loyal to outside of their well-crafted indie sound – going and seeing them will be like tasting some exotic drink that you could not normally afford but are glad you did. Each one of these musicians is excellent in their own right and together they create music that is both non-definitive, yet catchy and a breath of fresh air to what you might normally hear. No matter what you choose in your playlist, you owe it to yourself to go and see a Gypsy Ghosts show and immerse yourself in something that is really a treat to see and hear live. One of London’s most unique and talented bands if ever there was one. #GypsyGhosts #TurnUpTheLiveMusic #GoodVibesOnlyFestival #indie #RumRunners#LdnOnt #LdnEnt

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